What is Lost Motos?

This is a group that focuses on men’s mental health within the motorcycling community and breaking down the stigma surrounding it.

Find solace amongst good friends...

Mental health is serious and the struggles that come with it can be debilitating. Just like we care for our physical health we need to care for our mental health. Sometimes we can lose sight of that, and we might need a little bit of help and direction to get back on track.

It is amazing being surrounded by friends who build you up and push you to becoming a better version of yourself; be it with your mental health, a hard decision you are dealing with, or to point out and help you with your fuck ups. That's what Lost Motos is and that’s what its about - a friendship group that’s ready and willing to help and support each other with complete kindness and without question or judgement, because we are all walking on similar paths.

This is a group that focuses on men’s mental health within the motorcycling community, and breaking down the stigma surrounding it.

We ride on road and dirt to get away for a brief moment in life. This can be a quick blast through the suburbs, one-day rides, or run over a few days. However you ride, whether you reflect on yourself, encourage your mates along the journey or just try not think too much, your Lost Motos mates are here when you wanna talk.

We are not qualified professionals in mental health; but in fact, some of us see our own counsellors and psychologists who help us understand our own anxieties and depression.

Remember: it’s okay not to be okay.

The Lost Motos Private group is an online support group we started via Facebook for those within our immediate motorcycle scene as a platform for talking about the stuff men don’t usually talk about; Emotions, vulnerability, weakness, mental health and getting help, to name a few. Within this group we share, tinker in the workshop, go out and ride and most importantly be there for each other.

The Lost Motos Public group is unlike the private as its focus is education on the topic of mens mental health. Whether done in a workshop after a group ride or through an LM youtube video. We have professionals in mental health who can teach us how to be better at picking up early signs of a mental illness and to equip us with knowledge on how to best help. There’s also those with lived mental health experience that share their stories in hope that it can show how important knowledge around this issue is and what support is available for yourself, your partner, your mate, your brother, your father, etc.