How to be a part of it


How can you be a part of Lost Motos?

Lost Motos is a private place where you can share your mental health journey, come on rides, use it as a support network and learn more about your own mental health in hope to help yourself and others around you.

Our vision is to break down the ideas of masculinity and support mentally healthier men.

Our mission is for Lost Motos is to grow mentally healthier men through building connections, communication and story telling. We endeavour to show men that it is okay to need help, to be vulnerable and to need emotional support.

As this group is a place for men to share personal stories and be vulnerable it is important that everything is kept confidential. We do everything we can to ensure that it is. To help keep it a safe space we have gone to the extent with meeting face-to-face with guys before they are accepted in. This firstly sets a precedent that meeting up and have a chat one-on-one is okay and something we need to do more of, Secondly it allows us to get to know you more and thirdly it gives us a chance to see where you are at in your mental health journey. Knowing this helps us support you better and in turn help you support others better.

We aren’t perfect and our current structures in helping vulnerable men feel as safe as possible aren’t perfect so we are open to feedback in how we do things because this isn’t about us, Lost Motos is about everyone in it. You also don’t need to talk about your mental health if you’re not ready to do so. Talking does certainly help but not everyone is ready for that and we get it. At a very least this group is here for men in the motorcycle community to have somewhere to go to chat when life gets overbearing and you don’t know who to talk to or where to start.

Click on the button below if you want to be a part of the mens mental health support group, within the motorcycling community, that is Lost Motos.