Our Stories

Everyone has a story and, by sharing ours, we hope to break down the stigma and have more men talking about mental health.

If one of these stories connects with yours and you would like to reach out just click here.



The first time anxiety felt real for me was August 2017. I was triggered in a certain situation and I had a panic attack while driving. After 6 months of trying to ignore it I felt constantly anxious and fell into a short depressed state.

With the support of my wife, family and some close friends I was able to speak out about my thoughts and emotions. I grew the courage to see a therapist and started to work through my anxiety. The first 3 weeks of therapy were intense for me and had me questioning everything, which led to suicidal thoughts, something that I never thought I would have. Having a loving and supportive wife and being surrounded by good mates and family was a great gift for me at that point in my life. 

Not everyone has someone to talk to who might understand and not judge. Lost Motos exists to love and listen to men who want to have a chat. I am thankful for my those around me who understand my journey with mental health and have helped me find and be a better version of myself.



For me, life is built on three pillars; physical, psychological, and spiritual health. Many of my passions have a combination of these but my favourites ones have all three. Motorcycles, photography, and design.

Lost Motos is a community that allows me to comfortably express my work, my troubles, and myself. My dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 48; I was 17 at the time. He passed away four years later, and that experience is one that shaped how I see, feel, and act in the world. I continue to share my experiences of loss, hope, and perspective granted from this experience. The Lost Motos is an embodiment of understanding risks and banding together to tackle them.

Physically challenging my body, psychologically expanding my thoughts, and spiritually building a community are the pillars of my passion for the Lost Motos.



Having a background in psychology and coaching I am accustomed to listening and giving advice in regards to other people’s struggles and fears. I am passionate and committed to helping others through tough times by listening, connecting, inspiring and sharing. 

Ironically though I was raised in a family that avoided conflict and having conversations that mattered. When I would attempt to communicate to my father about an issue I was dealing with I would get 1 of 2 responses “men don't have problems they only have solutions” or “that's great, work it out yourself”. 

So as you could imagine talking about my own personal issues with others scares the crap out of me. I would prefer to stick needles in my eyes. However this serves no purpose and I understand the importance communicating my stuff with others. I wont say its easy however it is a skill that I work on daily and feel like I am getting a little bit better each day. 

Being a part of Lost Motos has introduced to me a great bunch of people that share a common passion of riding motorbikes and encourages me to talk about stuff that really matters.  



‘The core of mans spirit, comes from new experiences’. 

Originally from Scotland, Australia has been my home now for two years with my fiancé Sarah. It’s been a whirlwind getting settled with a new job, new home etc but the biggest part for me was meeting new friends. Entering the Sydney motorcycle scene back in 2016 was basically the best way I felt I could meet people. But it was a nerve racking time, as I knew absolutely no one, and no one understood me with my strong Scottish accent. But I persisted with going to this with gentle encouragement from Sarah. Then I met my Lost Motos brothers and ever since, life just got that little bit easier; having great friends to support and encourage me on all matters of life!

Having really good friends with similar interests has made me feel more settled in myself and now I can talk about my feelings/troubles more easily after all ‘Happiness is only real once shared’.



Riding down an unsealed road solo on the way to nowhere, with sleeping gear strapped to my bike, has been my type of escape. I never used to enjoy being alone but over the last year or so I have learned to adapt. Getting away, clearing my mind of the busy-ness of city life and re-connecting with myself. 

Resetting on my own is great, but when going through a hard patch it's best done with the support of others. It is important to know, and be told, that you are loved. Lost Motos does that for me. I feel like the friendships I have made through Lost Motos are life long and the support and encouragement we share has brought me to a better place in my life. 

We are family and will always be there for each other, through the great times and the tough times.