Yass, NSW

Exploring the Brindabella's

Life can get busy and living in the heart of Sydney this often means that work takes hold. Getting away for a weekend is hard enough but the two of us were lucky enough to have 4 days to unwind in the forests just outside of the ACT.

Two full days of riding in the middle of winter was something special to say the least. This whole landscape is filled with micro-climates and where it might be sunny and dry in one forest, the next brings frost covered surroundings and snow trickling from the sky. Wildlife a-plenty and steep muddy hillclimbs made this trip joyous and challenging. 

Battling with anxiety and depression is part of a weekly journey for some and being part of a busy climate in Sydney can make you push your deep emotions and feelings to the side so you can be "normal".  To be normal is to acknowledge how you feel and acknowledge your mental health. Most of us here struggle or have struggled in the past and Lost Motos is here to show you that Mens mental health is normal and you can talk about it. 

Theres nothing like feeling free from the fear of being vulnerable. Let's be vulnerable together.